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South Dakota seeking living World War Two veterans for special honor

Monday, September 25, 2017

The South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs (SDDVA) with the assistance of the South Dakota County Veterans Service Officers Association (SDCVSOA) wants to honor and recognize all living World War II (WWII) veterans. 

Larry Zimmerman, Secretary of South Dakota’s Department of Veterans Affairs, states “One of the most valuable lessons we can learn from the World War II Veterans and other members of the “greatest generation” is sacrifice.   World War II was an event that unified the people of our nation like no other time in our history. While our veterans fought on the front lines, millions of other Americans served on the home front, providing the necessary equipment and support, like metal recycling drives and war bonds, for those in uniform. They volunteered for military service because they believed in the destiny and promise of the American dream and the essential goodness of America.”

The SDDVA has secured funding to purchase medals for living South Dakota World War II Veterans.   With such a small living population remaining the focus our attention will be on those heroes that are still with us. The medals will not be issued posthumously.  

If you are a WWII veteran and/or If you know of a living WWII veteran that is in South Dakota, please contact your local County or Tribal Veterans Service Officer for they are actively seeking these veterans to be honored.  

To verify active duty service, please bring a copy of the veterans WWII discharge if the veteran has not already been seen by their your local County or Tribal Veterans Service Officer.

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