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Mitchell Public schools conduct a short precautionary lock down.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Mitchell public and private schools were locked down for a short time Monday morning while Police investigated a threat that turned out not to be directed to Senior High. Superintendent Joe Graves says it happened around shortly before 10 am. Mitchell Police say a Senior High School employee told the School Resource Officer about a threat that was apparently directed at students at the High School.  The threat was reported to a Senior High staff member by a concerned adult who apparently saw a threat on the internet regarding students at “MHS.” The concerned adult assumed the threat was made toward students at Mitchell Senior High School.  In the threat, a picture of several firearms was posted on an internet site along with comments regarding “Don’t go to school tomorrow @ MHS.”

“We of course took that seriously and immediate called Police,” said Graves. “They immediately determined that what the person had seen was actually a threat against a school in a different state and nothing to do with Mitchell High School."

Police say it was determined the original post was from Albemarle County Police Department in Virginia. That original threat had been investigated by that jurisdiction and a juvenile was detained.  The lockdown was then lifted Graves says no one was hurt or in any danger. 

J.P. Skelly

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