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Mitchell nurse honored

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Julie Hoffman, a registered nurse at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital, recently earned the "Outstanding Leadership in Nursing" Award from the South Dakota Organization of Nurse Executives – the nurse executive trade association under the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations.

Hoffman has served as the administrator of Avera Brady Health & Rehab since 2014.

During the past two years, Hoffman has been the SDONE District IV chair. District IV encompasses a large portion of the southeast part of the state.

Under her leadership, SDONE membership, engagement and attendance of meetings within the district remained high.

Hoffmann received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from SDSU in 1988 and began her first job as an RN on the Medical Unit at St. Joseph Hospital (now Avera Queen of Peace Hospital).  Julie has made multiple contributions toward quality improvement over the years – training nursing assistants, serving as a CPR Instructor and serving as a Nursing Quality Improvement Representative.  In 2000, Julie became the Radiation Oncology RN for the new Cancer Center in Mitchell and obtained certification in Oncology Nursing.  In 2007, Julie accepted the position as Director of Nursing at Avera Brady Health & Rehab/Assisted Living.  She was awarded the Avera Nursing Service Excellence Distinguished Service Leader Award in 2009 and became the Administrator of Avera Brady Health & Rehab/Assisted Living in 2014.

Over the past two years, Julie and served as the SDONE District IV Chair. During this time, Julie has kept the district engaged with interesting quarterly meetings that are both educational and great networking opportunities.  District meetings are held at a different facility each time and local experts usually serve as presenters.  In 2017, meetings were held in Parkston, Freeman and Mitchell and speakers shared information on Coordinated Care, work with the Hutterite Colonies and Ethics in Healthcare.  Membership and attendance at meetings for District IV have remained high under Julie’s leadership.

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