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Dakota Wesleyan University announces "Digital DWU"

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dakota Wesleyan University is launching a new initiative. It’s called Digital-DWU.

President Amy Novak says it’s the next step in ensuring DWU graduates have real world experience and tech-savvy skills needed to compete in future workplaces. “Those are skills that Watson or Alexa can’t do, but our students can”, said Novak. “And so we want to interface the technology with those skills and experiences that we think will put them above and make them essentially ‘robot-proof’”.

She says DWU began talks with officials from Apple about 18 months ago and the project built momentum. It’s set to launch next fall. Novak says each student will get an Apple I-Pad Pro with a smart keypad. She says preparation will continue through the summer across the campus with classrooms getting a new look and a technology upgrade.

Novak says the faculty is on board as well. “We’ve had just an enormous number of our faculty grab hold of this excited, because they see the potential to increase student engagement and learning,” Novak said, “and that’s gonna be a win-win.”

She says digital-dwu is also positioning the school competitively. “To my knowledge we’re the only university in the region,” said Novak. “There are only a few universities nationally who have actually launched a university-wide initiative and who invested in the faculty to actually make this commitment a reality.”

DWU hosted an innovation summit last fall featuring leaders from nine industry sectors offering their ideas of critical skills needed to succeed. Digital-DWU was built in response to industry feedback.

J.P. Skelly

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